Patient Monitor Vismo PVM 2703 by Nihon Kohden

Patient Monitor Vismo PVM 2703 by Nihon Kohden

10-inch bedside monitor, with on-screen operation guide (one MULTI connector)





    The concept of the PVM-2703 is "extreme ease of use". The PVM-2703 is the cost-effective solution for hospitals that want to optimize the quality of their service. Due to its high precision and ease of use, the PVM-2703 is ideal for meeting the needs of all caregivers, from beginners to experts.

    • Large high resolution color TFT LCD screen (10.4 inch)
    • 7 parameters: ECG (3 or 6 electrodes) SpO 2 , NIBP, impedance respiration, temperature, PPI or CO 2
    • One MULTI connector for IBP or CO 2
    • 5 waveforms (ECG × 2, SpO 2 , respiration, PPI, CO 2 pulse wave )
    • Lightweight, with a handle for easy transport
    • 3 hours of battery operation
    • Touch panel allows easy and intuitive operatio
    • For more information, see the "Additional Product Details" tab
    • Additional Product Details

      • Large data storage capacity: Up to 120 hours of trends, arrhythmia recall, alarm history and full display (Full Disclosure)
      • Synchronized measurement time on all review screens so that the user can easily obtain all the necessary data
      • On-Screen Operation Guide
        Thanks to the on-screen operation guide, the PVM is extremely easy to use. For example, if a technical alarm is triggered, the illustrations show how to solve the problem. The guide also shows the correct measurement of ECG, SpO 2 , NIBP, PPI, and CO 2 .
      • Network connection capability (LAN / Telemetry)


      • Efficient ECG monitoring
        • 23 types of arrhythmia detection, ST measurement and selectable QRS detection (adults, children or neonates)
      • Optional 3-channel recorder
      • Revolutionary PWTT technology
        • This monitor incorporates a new parameter, PWTT (Pulse Wave Transition Time), which can be correlated with blood pressure. The monitor continuously calculates the PWTT from the ECG and SpO 2 data . During periodic NIBP measurement, if the PWTT exceeds the threshold, the NIBP measurement is triggered. This increases the chances of detecting sudden changes in blood pressure between regular NIBP measurements.
      • The blood pressure measurement technology in this monitor uses Nihon Kohden's proprietary PWTT technology (US Patent No. 5564427, other patents pending).

    • Warranty, Service, & Support

      • 2 year standard factory warranty included
      • Factory-certified annual preventantive maintenance available
      • Free troubleshooting and remote technical support for the life of the product
      • Factory-certified evaluations, parts, and repairs available onsite or one of our service centers
      • Loaner units available
      • Onsite and remote installation and in-service training available
      • Software upgrades and updates available


      Designed for minimal disruption to workflow and patient care