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Featuring products such as:

Apogee 2300

The Apogee 2300 combines sleek design with advanced imaging technology such as MFI, VS-Flow, Nanoview, XBeam, and more. Equipped with fully functional application packages like 4D, CW, TDI,  and Elastography with a user-oriented workflow. The Apogee 2300 will enhance your daily diagnostic value with portability.


Apogee 3500 Elite

Apogee 3500 Elite_left.jpg

As a color Doppler ultrasound system, Apogee 3500 Elite inherits SIUI’s proven imaging quality and is committed support all your needs. 

  • MFI: Reduces signal distortion and eliminates unwanted noises, rendering premium images with outstanding resolution, high contrast, and enhanced penetration.

  • XBeam: Eases echo artifacts and improves spatial resolution.

  • Nanoview: Reduces noise and artifacts, presenting lesions  with distinct tissues and enhanced edges.

  • VS-Flow: Significantly upgrades the sensitivity and resolution of blood flow. 

  • Ergonomic design: 18.5'' rotatable LCD monitor, 8.4'' touch screen, swiveling control panel, four active transducer connectors, independent probe, and cable management.

Apogee 5500

Installed with Smartech Engine, this is a high-end model of the product line. Equipped with extended physic channels, it offers more detailed image signal and higher image density by using high element density probes. Exclusive technology offers superb image resolution, exceptional image penetration, advanced flow sensibility, and improved S/N ratio. 

  • Balanced echo compensation - Recognizes and enhances the signals, significantly improving tissue uniformity and S/N ratio.

  • Nanopure & Nanoview -Two kinds of speckle reduction technology for use according to different tissue. Nanopure technology excels in scanning cardiovascular, MSK, and superficial organs while Nanoview excels in abdomen and OBG image optimization.

  • Fuzzy logic flow -Fuzzy logic algorithm is applied to set each key parameter in specific range. Parameter weights are designed according to targeted tissue to restore flow signal enhance flow sensitivity and reduce wall motion noise.

  • Crystal purity probe - Application of single crystal material brings about a huge leap of 110% in bandwidth, facilitating probe performance and  boosting diagnostic confidence.

  • High element density probe - Element density of different probes increases by 25%-50%. 

Apgee 5500_5.jpg

Apogee 5800 Genius

Apogee 5800 Genius_overview.jpg

Advanced clinical solutions power outstanding performance in the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases.  The Apogee 5800 Genius will be the inspiring ultrasound and simply the best of the product line.

  • RealView - Cutting-edge technology in 2D imaging and blood flow sensitivity processing delivers refined image with more detailed information.

  • Tuned Gain - By automatically recognizing and making up the echo difference between different depths of the tissues and organs, it ensures the uniformity of near-far field image echo more accurately and effectively. With the Tuned Gain technology, image resolution increases by 40%, which facilitates the diagnosis especially on difficult patients.

  • Tailored Filter - Tailored Filter enables the ultrasound system to automatically identify all types of speckle noise and make customized filtration. It effectively increases the S/N ratio by 35% to present a more distinct image.

  • Targeted Beam - Targeted Beam is the upgraded spatial compounding imaging technology. It further improves the spatial resolution and reduces the shadow under different tissues at the same time. It plays an important role in the pathological study and clinical diagnosis in cardiology, hepatology and OB/GYN.

  • Tactile Flow - Tactile Flow highly senses and captures subtle blood flow signal, which allows the system to detect tumors and small lesions effectively.

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