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Model 100 Dual Incu i Incubator-Warmer

Combining the advanced features and high quality of Atom's Incu i Incubator line with the superior performance and patient access of an infant warmer to quickly and quietly transition the type of care provided to the patient.

  • User-friendly touch screen control panel mounted on the periphery 

  • Color-coded measurements and set points for temperatures, relative humidity, oxygen concentration, pulse oximetry and patient weight are easy to identify and intuitive to operate.

  • "No-disturb" external x-ray cassette tray access door is separate from the side access panels to protect the environment during radiologic procedures

Model 101 Incu i Incubator

Increasing medical staff's work efficiency, improving safety for the infant, and protecting infants from the risk of infection

  • Touch control panel

  • Built-in oxygen controller and pulse oximeter

  • Rotary damper for quiet operation of admittance panel

  • Air curtain to minimize drop in air temperature

  • X-ray cassette tray to protect infant from stress

Model 103 Infa Warmer i

Ideal for both Labor and Delivery and well-baby care, with advantages for high-acuity environments.  Expect uniform heat delivery over the entire mattress, with a swivel heater head that angles to provide heat during procedures. 

  • Preheating function to warm mattress sufficiently

  • Resuscitation functions available

  • Surgical operations can be safely performed in the NICU


Maintain a stable nursing environment in a variety of transport situation. Smooth travel on catamaran castors, padded handles for staff comfort, and an ergonomic design height make the V-808 well suited for your in-house transport needs.

  • Head-end admittance panel and rear snap-open access ports

  • Main unit separates from cabinet base for increased mobility

  • Double-wall hood for stable thermal environment

  • Built-in pulse oximeter, temperature, and oxygen monitors

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