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Avalo Series Emergency/Crash Cart

Capsa Crash Cart.png

The Avalo Emergency Cart/Crash Cart defines a new standard of organization and function with a host of features that provide reliable performance and promote improved workflow in emergency departments.

The unique breakaway locking handle offers optimal security and the simple access essential to every emergency response. Stable maneuverability is built-in to every cart and a full line of accessories enhance user efficiency and support code team performance.

Capsa Anesthesia Cart.png

Avalo Series Anesthesia Cart

The Avalo Series Standard Anesthesia Cart is designed with a synergy of function and technology to meet the unique needs of your anesthesia department.

Choose from (3) lock systems to secure your standard Anesthesia Cart, with options for secondary mag stripe or proximity access for added security. Flexible divider systems, removable drawer trays, and a host of accessory options allow for smart organization of medications and all anesthesia related supplies.

I Series Medical Cart

The I-Series Medical Cart platform allows you to configure for multiple applications including Emergency, Anesthesia, Procedure, Treatment, I.V. or Isolation. The I-Series Compact model suits highly-specialized storage or those applications that do not require a “large” medical cart.

  • Fully configurable

  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum panels

  • Sturdy internal frame and premium drawer slides ensure long-term value and durability

  • Available in 4 model heights

Capsa I Series Med Cart.jpg

AC Series – Bin Cassette Transfer Cart – 4-Bay

Capsa AC Series.png

Capsa’s Cassette / Bin Transfer Carts with 4 bays, offers twice the capacity to manage the exchange process between the AC or ACi Medication Carts and the pharmacy. Featuring dual-sided configuration and a reliable security system, your facility is assured a safe and efficient medication distribution model.

Avalo Series Treatment Cart

The Avalo Series Treatment Cart offers large capacity and flexible organization of treatment supplies in 3”, 6”, and 10” seamless drawers that feature a unique integrated divider system. The Treatment cart includes an expansive work area, with an optional slide out work surface if more space is needed.

The durable steel frame and unique spread caster position ensure stability, while making the cart easy to move and control. Choose from an array of accessories options to optimize the cart for your facility’s treatment needs.

Avalo Series Treatment Carts are designed for:

  • Treatment supplies organization

  • Treatment preparation

  • Improved nursing workflow

  • General supplies storage

Capsa Treatment.jpg
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