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VIO 3 Electrosurgical Unit

With its logical and intuitive interface, the VIO 3 is designed to ensure optimal user-friendliness.

  • Large touchscreen display

  • Guided error analysis

  • Digital instructions for use

  • 19 optimized modes

  • Focusview:  Active instruments shown on display

VIO 3 has the right mode for every application, supporting all monopolar and bipolar techniques and hybrid processes.


Erbe Cryo2.jpg

Cryosurgical technology has proven its worth in medical science – and is now more relevant than ever. Especially in the area of bronchoscopy, cryobiopsy and cryorecanalization are often superior to all other diagnostic and interventional therapies. 

  • Plug and play operation

  • Activation using footswitch

  • Reproducible freeze performance from the first use to the last

  • Clearly laid out display supports intuitive operation

APC® 2 - Argon Plasma Coagulation

Only Erbe VIO® features APC PULSED® Mode. This “smart” feature auto-regulates beam ignition and provides automatic dosing of power for increased confidence.

  • Diverse Effects - PULSED mode gives you the option of choosing PULSED 1 or PULSED 2, enabling an expanded range of coagulation effects and offering greater control.

  • Consistent Coagulation — Even at low power settings PULSED offers a homogeneous beam of coagulation.

  • Simplified Control — Reduces the need for constant footpedal interaction, allowing you to focus more on target tissue areas.

erbe plasmasurgery.jpg

ErbeJet 2 for Hydrosurgery


The ultimate in precision and tissue-selectivity, they often use the ERBEJET 2 to define anatomy and dissection planes prior to transection.  This device produces no heat, making it the ultimate tool for difficult dissection.

  • Selectively dissects, sparing vessels, nerves and ducts

  • Potential to minimize blood loss

  • Enables better visualization of vital structures

  • Reduces trauma to surrounding tissue

  • Used in both open and laparoscopic procedures

  • Precisely, accurately targets tissue for dissection

  • No thermal damage

  • Space-efficient design can be ceiling-mounted

  • Compatible with Erbe VIO® systems and APC® 2

VIO 100 C Electrosurgical Unit

The compact VIO® unit for specialty outpatient practices.  Provides 5 modes for surgical use.

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Up to 4 storable programs

  • Return electrode monitoring


Modes available:

  • AUTO CUT® - Minimal necrosis and reproducible cutting quality

  • DRY CUT™ - Cut with initial intense hemostatis

  • SOFT COAG® - Coagulation without carbonization and minimal sticking

  • FORCED COAG® - Rapid and effective coagulation

  • BIPOLAR SOFT COAG™ - Low voltage bipolar coagulation with minimal sticking and carbonization

Erbe VIO 100.jpg

VIO 300 C Electrosurgical Unit

  • Automatic output dosage for all regulative technologies

  • Precise power output adjusted to the individual indication

  • New and improved CUT and COAG functions

  • Variable configuration with socket modules

  • Upgrades for specific medical specialties are possible at any time

  • Simple, interactive and safe operation using the TFT display and FocusView

  • Display-supported neutral electrode safety system NESSY provides interactive assistance when positioning the return electrode

  • Individually configurable programs in simple text: switch on the unit and begin working

  • ReMode function: "remote control" via the handle or foot switch straight from the sterile field

  • Designed to provide solutions for specific medical indications in the medical fields gastroenterology, ENT, and bronchoscopy, and for use in operative outpatient procedures

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