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OPTIVISTA plus Endoscopy Video Tower

EPK-i7010 Tower (1).tif

The OPTIVISTA plus™ is the next generation processor that enhances the OPTIVISTA's already superb image quality and other capabilities.


  • Enhanced detection through sharp, high-definition images

  • i-scan technology provides an enhanced view of the mucosal structures and vascular patterns

  • Improved in-vivo diagnosis

  • Supports diagnosis and case documentation and guides treatment and therapeutic decisions through easier image capture

  • An effective cross-segment investment due to its proven clinical characterization capabilities being expanded into pulmonology and ENT

IMAGINA Endoscopy Video Tower

Developed by directly integrating feedback from doctors worldwide, the IMAGINA processor is made for daily diagnostic and therapeutic needs.


  • i-scan technology provides an enhanced view of the mucosal structures and vascular patterns

  • Supports each step of the clinical pathway, from screening to diagnosis to day-to-day therapy

  • Latest LED illumination technology

  • Unconventional design, integration and connectivity offers improved workflow efficiency

  • User friendly and intuitive platform with customizable menu for procedure optimization


VERSA Endoscopy Video Tower

VERSA Tower.jpg

High Definition endoscopic imaging platform, delivering image quality superior to Standard Definition systems. The powerful VERSA video processor uses CMOS HD sensor technology with a built-in LED light source, ensuring greater product durability and consistent performance with each procedure.

  • Offers image enhancement features that allow for high-contrast observation of mucosal patterns and vascularization

  • LED & CMOS technology support robust, reliable product performance

  • LED lights last far longer than XENON or Halogen lights and can be repaired more cost-effectively, minimizing ongoing maintenance cost

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Scopes

Pentax offers a variety of endoscopy scopes, including the i10 Series HD+™ Endoscopes


  • HD+™ Megapixel Resolution CCD

  • i-SCAN™ Image Enhancement

  • 140º Effective Field of View

  • CloseFocus™ Examiniation Range

  • Larger channel instruments results in increased suction power and opportunity to use larger accessories

  • Improved ergonomic design and control

  • Minimal maintenance required

i10 Series Distal Ends.tiff

ENT Endoscopes

FNL-15RP3 (1).jpg

High-quality optics and a diverse range of features for excellent light transmission and sharp, clear images will assist clinicians in their detection of subtle pathologies and in identifying tissue abnormalities.

  • Rigid Laryngoscopes

  • Fiberoptic Endoscopes

  • Laryngostroboscopes

  • Esophagoscopes

Vivideo ENT Videoscope System

The PENTAX Medical Vivideo system delivers the perfect balance between performance, patient comfort, and ease of use.  Vivideo makes it possible for more practitioners and patients to benefit from high resolution nasopharyngoscopy exams, with a cost-effective endoscopy system designed for facilities to upgrade their imaging capabilities.

  • Scope-integrated LED illumination

  • HD output

  • Small footprint 

  • Ergonomic endoscope design and intuitive user interface

  • Simple still image and video recording with programmable scope buttons

Vivideo Processor (1).jpg
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