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RZ Medizintechnik is a family business with a tradition.  Because of the company's uncompromising attitude towards quality and the quality of its products, RZ enjoys a great reputation around the world and sells its high-tech products on all continents in more than 52 countries.

RZ develops and supplies high-quality instruments for general surgery, a broad range of specialist instruments for plastic surgery, orthopedics, heart and thorax surgery, spinal and neuro surgery, eye surgery and micro-surgery as well as for ear, nose and throat (ENT) therapy. Their portfolio of endoscopy products includes a modern range of appliances, FullHD endoscopy and a wide selection of robust development-led instruments.

RZ instruments.jpg

Surgical Tower with 4K 3 Chip UHD Camera

Lap Tower.jpg

For the first time, surgeons can trust an accurate laparoscopic 2D picture during surgery, especially laparascopic procedures where large cavities need to be shown correctly. RZ's new K4000 camera provides precise details.

The Ultra High-Definition 4K complements and supports the human eye by providing the best imaging techniques, showing deeply located operating areas and tissue deformations by giving correct perspective.  This system improves the learning curve of surgeons and greatly reduces necessary OR time.

Endoscopy Scopes

RZ Resectoscope.jpg

The open and endoscopic treatment of urological disorders has always been a key area for RZ Medizintechnik GmbH.  Together with renowned surgeons worldwide, the company has developed and produced advanced instruments for over two decades in the fields of cystoscopy, resctoscopy, stricture treatment, lithotripsy, nephroscopy, uretero-renoscopy and all pediatric applications.

RZ offers a complete range of instruments for monoploar, bipolar, and laser-based surgical procedures and provides solutions for all urological procedures, from instrumentation and endoscopes to 4K device systems.

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