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Featuring products such as:

Surgical Light Q-Flow

Merivaara Q-Flow™ surgical light improves the working environment in operating rooms as well as offers a new way to reduce the risk of infections.

  • Optimized for OR Air Flow - Decreases the air flow circulation in the operating area, thus reducing the potential for contamination

  • Superb Color Rendering 

  • Intuitive Sterile Surgeon Control (Intueri™)

  • Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™) - Automatically adapts to shadows in the light field

  • Green Ambilite - Delivers consistent light for seeing images and reading monitors

  • Full HD Camera

Examination Light Merilux XI


Ideal for use during examinations and small procedures.

Merilux X1 light is available as mobile floor model, as well as ceiling and wall-mounted versions.

With its excellent color rendering index (RA 94), compact design, sterilisable handle and articulated arm, the Merilux X1 fulfills the high quality and hygiene requirements of small procedures and examinations.

Merilux X1 light is at its best in emergency rooms, examination rooms, recovery rooms and ICUs.

Practico Operating Table

The versatile operating table Practico has been designed to improve ergonomics with the industry’s widest range of posture possibilities. It is powered by smart controls that help you work more fluently.

  • Super High and Super Low - Improved ergonomics

  • Streamlined Design 

  • High safe working load and width extenders

  • Smart Features - Safety sensors, memory positions, integrates with Merivaara's Open OR system


Promerix Operating Table

Merivaara Promerix.jpg

Promerix is heavy-duty, electro-hydraulic operating table for all kind of surgeries, meeting the strictest demands of modern operating theatres. With its modular construction, stable floor lock and comprehensive range of accessories, Promerix can be set up to the best possible configuration for each surgical procedure.

Promerix provides open access to the operated area and excellent working ergonomics for the surgical team without compromising on patient safety.  You can choose among two different column options, fixed model for e.g. bariatric surgery and sliding for surgeries where imaging is essential.

Promerix is both easy to use and to maintain, it fulfills X-ray and C-arm requirements through its sliding possibility and reverse functions, as well as its wide table section material.

Safe working load (SWL) 325 kg (with sliding function 275 kg).

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