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Maternity Delivery & Recovery Bed GB320

The CareTEK GB320 Maternity Bed is an electrically operated maternity bed with a range of functions and positional movements that assist in birth procedures and after care.  Ease of use, functionality, serviceability, and cleaning practicality are key features.

  • German Made Power-Packer Foot Operated Hi-Low

  • Manually Operated Gas Assisted Retracting Back Rest

  • Manually Operated Gas Assisted Head Down Tilt

  • Integral Foot Section Extension & Retraction

  • Slide in Removable Basin

  • Urine Bag & Belt Hooks

  • Removable Lightweight HDPE Head & Foot Panels

  • Removable ABS Deck Panels (cleaning & service)

  • Integral HDPE Drop Down Side Panels

  • ABS Undercarriage Cover (cleaning,& infection control)

  • Head & Foot End Rotating Wall Buffers

Caretek Maternity Bed.JPG
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