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Atom Medical is Japan's first manufacturer of Incubators and is singularly dedicated to products and technologies to protect and nurture infants. Focusing almost exclusively in the perinatal field, Atom manufactures infant warmers, incubations, bili-therapy lights and resuscitation units.

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Scientist in the Lab

Atramat specializes in wound closure products including surgical sutures, polypropylene mesh and hemostatic materials. Atramat is the 4th largest producer of sutures in the world with over 2,000 surgical sutures in different combinations of yarns and needles. All surgical sutures comply with the requirements of United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacopeia (EP). They also have obtained the world’s most trusted quality certifications including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 on medical devices, European Certification CE Mark, COFEPRIS on Good Manufacturing Practices, FDA Certification, ANVISA (Brazil,) SANS (South Africa) and ISO 13485 for Health Canada. Atramat quality checks 100% of their sutures during production.

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Andar is a proud leader in Endoscopy Equipment sales and service.  We offer the best in Endoscopes, Endoscopic Towers, and the latest technology in ultrasonic endoscopy.  From Endoscopic Reprocessors to Vital Signs Monitors, Tables, and Stretchers, we have your whole operating theatre covered. 

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PENTAX Medical offers a full range of endoscopic units and endoscopes to meet the needs of gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, urologists and ENT specialists.

The market-leading partnership of PENTAX Medical and Hitachi delivers unparalleled image quality and state-of-the-art Endoscopic Ultrasound technologies.


Medivators is a leader in developing and manufacturing endoscope reprocessors and offers a complete line of detergents, disinfectants and related supplies for endoscope reprocessing. They also manufacture a line of GI endoscopy infection prevention solutions to reduce potential risks to caregivers and patients.

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CGM is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of adult, pediatric and neonatal hospital beds, stretchers, carts and trolleys. CGM offers electric and hydraulically operated beds for general wards, orthopedic and ICU/NICU units with a complete complement of options and accessories and electric and hydraulic stretchers.


Founded in In 1981, EMS (Electro Medical Systems) is a Swiss manufacturer of precision equipment for the treatment of kidney, bladder and ureteral stones. EMS improves patient quality of life by providing high-value and innovative solutions with proven treatment outcomes.

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