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Biomedical Technician

We are seeking a Biomedical Technician to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of medical equipment used in healthcare facilities. You will be responsible for installing, inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing, and calibrating a variety of biomedical equipment used in the hospital and surgical center setting.


  • Perform routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs on medical equipment according to manufacturer specifications and regulatory standards.

  • Diagnose equipment malfunctions and implement appropriate corrective actions in a timely manner.

  • Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, equipment inventory, and service contracts.

  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure the safe and effective use of medical equipment.

  • Provide training and technical support to healthcare staff on equipment operation and maintenance best practices.

  • Stay current with advances in biomedical technology and regulatory requirements.


  • Associate degree or equivalent in Biomedical Engineering Technology, Electronics Technology, or a related field.

  • Certification as a Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) or equivalent is preferred.

  • Minimum of [insert number] years of experience in biomedical equipment maintenance and repair.

  • Strong knowledge of electronic circuits, medical device interfaces, and troubleshooting techniques.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

  • Ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, vendors, and team members.

  • Familiarity with relevant regulatory standards (e.g., FDA, ISO, AAMI) is a plus.

  • Valid driver's license and willingness to travel to client sites as needed.

To Apply

If you are passionate about making a difference in healthcare and possess the skills and qualifications outlined above, we'd love to hear from you! Please submit your resume and cover letter to

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