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A leader in precision medical products and services, Nihon Kohden offers unrivaled technology that works across the healthcare continuum and realizes our premium-as-standard philosophy, allowing providers to deliver care without compromise to every patient in every medical situation. And every alliance realizes our commitment to providing industry-leading quality, reliability and customer service.

The Ally in Uncompromising Care

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15 inch ICU Patient Monitor

Includes main unit, input box, battery and power cord

NKV-440 Ventilator

NKV 440.png

The NKV‐440 Ventilator.  Do more with a built-in turbine and pneumatic nebulizer for neonates to adults.

  • Seamless transition between invasive and non‐invasive ventilation

  • High-flow oxygen therapy

  • Lung protection tools

  • Infection control

  • App-based functions guide the clinician through maneuvers and procedures in a systematic and user‐friendly manner

  • Connectivity

  • Hepa-Filtered Internal Turbine;

  • Built-In Pnuematic Nebulizer;

  • High or Low Pressure

  • O2 Input


NKV-550 Ventilator


The NKV‐550 ventilator is designed to provide all the essential capabilities required by clinicians for ventilating adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.


  • Seamless transition between invasive and non‐invasive ventilation

  • High flow oxygen therapy

  • Lung protection tools

  • Infection control

  • App-based functions guide the clinician through maneuvers and procedures in a systematic and user‐friendly manner

  • Connectivity

  • Minimal maintenance required

NKV-330 Transport Ventilator


The NKV-330 Series Ventilator System is a non-invasive ventilator with the flexibility to adapt to the changing patient conditions and the dynamic hospital environment.

  • Multiple ventilation modes

  • Continuous CO2 monitoring during NPPV therapy

  • Stores up to 72 hours of full-disclosure waveforms, alarm and operation logs, and patient measurements

  • Equipped with both a "hot swap" main battery and an internal backup battery

  • Intuitive interface gives you more time for your patients

Patient Monitors



Provides Peace of Mind Monitoring

Contributes to increasing patient safety with NK’s unique technologies

Guides you in correct monitoring and leads to more accurate results

Reduces workloads of caregivers

  • Made in Japan

  • 10.4 inch

  • ECG (3/6), SpO2(NK/Nellcor/Masimo), NIBP (iNIBP), TEMP x 2, IBP*, ETCO2*, esCCO (option)

  • 2 Multi connectors (IBP/CO2)*

  • Standard LAN port and ZS (transmitter) socket for Interbed Monitoring

  • Option board: Alarm out, RS232C, RGB, ECG/BP out

  • 25 items of arrhythmia

  • Afib, QTc/QRSd available

  • Battery: about 6 hours (condition: only ECG monitoring)

  • Review: 120 hours

BSM-6000 Series Patient Monitors

BSM 6000.JPG

The BSM-6000 series of monitors offer unrivaled technology that works across the healthcare continuum and realizes our premium-as-standard philosophy, allowing providers to deliver care without compromise. Nihon Kohden’s unique Smart Cable™ technology miniaturizes circuits found in traditional modules and embeds that circuitry into a Smart Patient Cable. When you plug a Smart Cable into a Multiport, the associated parameter is automatically detected, displayed and measured. With this technology, you’ll get parameter flexibility at a significantly reduced cost with seamless and immediate access to blood pressure, cardiac output, EtCO2, temperature, BIS, EEG and more.


Some of our premium-as-standard capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive arrhythmia detection and recall, including advanced Atrial Fibrillation algorithm 

  • Multi-waveform/multi-parameter full disclosure  

  • ST segment analysis as well as diagnostic 12 lead ECG capability

  • Drug, hemodynamic and pulmonary calculations

Life Scope G5 Patient Monitor

Life-Scope-G5_1_800x800px_96ppi (1).jpg

The Life Scope G-series patient monitors provide high quality, patient-centered care, smarter technologies and seamless patient transport.

  • Two models – 12.1” and 15,6” – and the option to add up to two additional displays.

  • Advanced features enable clinicians to customize the patient monitor for needs throughout the entire hospital

  • Advanced Human Machine Interface supports the collection of accurate patient data and integrated data for more sophisticated research

By reducing false alarms, workload and the time for diagnoses, the Life Scope G5 supports the improvement of better and by providing additional information with standard procedures for better and informed patient management.

CNS-6201 Central Patient Monitoring System

NK CNS6201.jpg

The CNS-6201 Central Patient Monitoring System is a full-featured system that provides comprehensive patient monitoring and review. Simple-to-use and scalable, the CNS-6201 monitors up to 32 patients using two displays and is ideal for telemetry, critical care, OR, emergency room, and other monitoring environments. The CNS-6201 also provides data storage and review capabilities, and ensures a complete patient record by facilitating automated patient and data transfer between multiple departments. Standard features include Arrhythmia detection, full disclosure, graphic and tabular trends, ST review, diagnostic 12-lead ECG storage, archiving and send waveform to EMR.

  • Up to 32 patients per system

  • Arrhythmia recall review

  • Full disclosure review

  • 12-lead ECG review

  • Graphical and tabular trends

  • Report generation


Life Scope G3 Telemetry

NK G3.jpg

The Life Scope G3 series of patient monitors offers the best of all worlds: A specialty patient monitor that can be used to stabilize a patient in place, if needed, with a compact design that allows for ease of movement.

Available with three levels of functionality, the Life Scope G3 delivers early progressive ambulation in a smart, safe and secure package:


  • True WiFi capabilities for safe patient monitoring

  • Maintains a comprehensive patient record with up to 15-minute data backfill in the event of wireless coverage loss

  • Automatically switches to local monitoring mode during WiFi coverage loss


  • Premium as standard philosophy; all devices are fully featured, including arrhythmia analysis and full disclosure

  • Helps detect falls and wandering with a proprietary algorithm

  • Enables expansion of ambulatory monitoring throughout the hospital


  • Complies with current wireless security protocols, including 802.1X and WPA2 Enterprise with AES encryption and EAP authentication

  • Seamless integration with the hospital enterprise system, with authorized access to data on the Nihon Kohden network

  • Software upgrades and security updates included for the life of the equipment


TEC-8300 Cardiolife Defibrillator

tec8300_2_new (1).jpg

AED, Bluetooth data transfer, and multi-parameter monitoring including 3, 6, 12-lead ECG, SpO2, temperature

*MULTI connector parameters: ETCO2, IBP, temperature

  • Biphasic waveform gives more effective defibrillation at lower energy​

  • AED with disposable pad adapter cable and disposable pads, automatic charging start for hands-free defibrillation, CPR timing sound, and optional voice prompt

  • Noninvasive pacing

  • NIBP measurement

  • Nihon Kohden's advanced ec1 arrhythmia analysis

  • Smart CableTM technology - plug and play monitoring

  • Self-test indicator

TEC-5600 Cardiolife Defibrillator


AED, Bluetooth data transfer, 3, 6-lead ECG, SpO2, and ETCO2, NIBP

  • Faster shock and continuous observation
    It takes less than 4 seconds to charge 200J with either AC power or a fully charged new battery. After defibrillation, ECG baseline recovers within 3 seconds.

  • Continuous VF analysis 
    ECG waveform can be analyzed even during CPR and energy charging starts before the shock is advised. This helps you deliver faster defibrillation than ever before.


Neurofax EEG-1200 Diagnostic and Monitoring Platform


The EEG-1200 combines EEG, long term epilepsy, cEEG ICU monitoring and sleep testing for the most flexible and comprehensive recording system available today.

  • Standard sophisticated software capabilities, including on-line mapping, eight channels of CSA and EKG artifact filter

  • Full-motion digital video with post record zoom/pan/tilt synchronized to 100ms with EEG

  • Dual IP camera option to integrate two separate independently controlled video feeds with the EEG data

  • Impedance check at the amplifier or on screen

  • Rapid review software with auto editing of system events and trace annotation

  • Optional QP-160 application for cEEG in the ICU


Neuropack® X1 MEB-2300


The MEB-2300 is the latest and most advanced EP/EMG system in the Nihon Kohden product portfolio. Available with either a six or twelve channel amplifier and up to two electrical stimulators, the MEB is designed with numerous time-saving features to maximize the user’s workflow without compromising the integrity of data acquisition. Basic exam software including EMG, NCS, SEP, ABR and VEP protocols come standard with the MEB-2300.


The new examination list creates a seamless integration of protocols, patients and reports, increasing productivity and reducing test time


CardioFax G ECG-2550

NK ecg-2550-sm.jpg

The CardioFax G electrocardiograph ECG 2550 is a high-end hospital quality ECG cart. The CardioFax G ECG-2550 is a fully interpretive 12 and 15 lead resting ECG, with advance features including Data Capture, providing more than 200 findings with detailed analysis.


Customizable, one-click operations with function keys and on-screen icons make operation easy and intuitive, simplifying testing by assigning commonly used functions to a single touch, speeding operation and aiding workflow.

The high-resolution, swivel and tilt capable 15-inch touchscreen display is the same size as the recording paper, showing actual size waveforms on the screen, and allows for the technician to easily adjust and have complete access to the display anywhere at the bedside.

CardioFax G ECG-2350


Simple operation and intelligent analysis.

  • High level 12-lead ECG analysis with 200 findings and 5 judgement categories 

  • The 2350 has an easy-to-view LCD screen with a 7 inch color backlit LCD, allowing simultaneous viewing of the 12-lead waveform and data more easily.  

  • Paperless mode allows for data to be transferred to a PC

  • Easy data entry with alphanumeric keys and a barcode reader, eliminating human errors

  • Easy data transfer by wired or wireless LAN

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Andar & Nihon Kohden in the Caribbean

  • Elite Diagnostic Clinic, Jamaica

  • Bougainvillea Clinic Private Hospital, BVI

  • Eureka Medical Clinic, Tortola, British Virgin Islands BVI

  • St. Augustine's Medical Services, Grenada

  • St. Maarten Medical Center, Sint Maarten NA

  • St. Elizabeth Hospital, Curacao NA

  • Princess Alexandra Hospital, Anguilla

  • Modern Medical Complex, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Alexandra Hospital, St. Kitts and Nevis

  • Joseph N. France Hospital, St. Kitts and Nevis

  • Mount St. John's Medical Center, Antigua and Barbuda

  • University Hospital of the West Indies UHWI, Jamaica

  • Scarborough General Hospital, Trinidad and Tobago

  • Doctors Hospital, The Bahamas

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados

  • Bayview Hospital, Barbados

  • Surgical Solutions, Barbados

  • Cayman Islands Hospital, Grand Cayman

  • Health City, Cayman Islands

  • Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

  • Southern Medical Services, Trinidad and Tobago

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