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Great Group Medical was established in 1996 by a first-rate team of biomedical engineers, expertly trained by major respiratory care OEMs.

GGM is one of just a few companies in the market providing both active and passive solutions in humidification products for ventilator-dependent patients.​​

GGM Products

Humidoflo - High Flow Therapy


Humidoflo is a nasal high flow therapy device which delivers flow up to 60L/min through a broad nasal cannula, offering a revolutionary experience in comfortable and effective respiratory care.

  • Accurate oxygen concentration

  • Real time FiO2

  • Heart rate sensor

  • SPO2 measurement

  • Optimal humidity

  • Flow up to 60L/min

  • Ultra comfortable interface in different sizes

  • Increase in treatment acceptance


Infant Bubble CPAP


Customizable components to choose from:

  • Infant Bubble CPAP Circuit with Chamber

  • CPAP Generator​

  • Safety Valve Kit

  • Bonnet/ Head Strap

  • Nasal Prong

  • Gas Sampling Line

Humidifiers & Heaters


Our Respiratory Humidifier is part of a complete system designed to provide warm and humidified inspired respiratory gases to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support. Fully automatic for simple and rapid set-up, the 2600A Respiratory Humidifier has many advanced features, including preset default temperatures, a selectable temperature display, alarm panel with location indicators and a range of safety features. Suitable for invasive or non-invasive ventilation and heated or non-heated wire breathing systems.

Infant Bubble CPAP

Autoclavable or Disposable Parts

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Our product lines includes:

  • All ranges of heated humidifier, humidifier chamber, heater wire and non heater wire breathing circuits.

  • All range of HME, HME filter, Bacterial/Virus filter, Main flow filter, HEPA filter, Spirometry filter, Suction/Insufflation filter, CPAP/BIPAP filter

  • GGM NP-series Infant Nasal prong for CPAP

  • GGM MDA-series Patent designed Multi-Dimension Adjustment CPAP/BIPAP/NIV full-face and nasal masks

  • New product release in 2013, Infant Bubble CPAP system HFT nasal prong high flow therapy system

  • Nasal high flow cannula, nasal high flow oxygen therapy 

  • Tracheostomy embedded heater wire breathing circuit

Maternity Customer Service

Customer Service and Support

Expert Configuration

Our experienced sales team has the technical expertise to configure your facility from the ground up

Installation & Training

Factory-trained technicians provide installation and in-service training

Preventative Maintenance

Factory-Certified preventative maintenance extends the life of your equipment & keeps it running optimally

Repairs & TroubleShooting

Free Phone Support | Video-Conference | On-Site | Headquarter/Factory Repairs

Factory-Certified Service & Parts


Loaner equipment is available for most product types

Shipping & Logistics Support

Our customer service team follows up with shipping updates & keeps you informed every step of the way.

Would you like to know more?

Email us any questions you have and a sales representative will contact you shortly.

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