Great Group Medical was established in 1996 by a first-rate team of biomedical engineers, expertly trained by major respiratory care OEMs.

GGM is one of just a few companies in the market providing both active and passive solutions in humidification products for ventilator-dependent patients.​​


Humidoflo - High Flow Therapy


Humidoflo is a nasal high flow therapy device which delivers flow up to 60L/min through a broad nasal cannula, offering a revolutionary experience in comfortable and effective respiratory care.

  • Accurate oxygen concentration

  • Real time FiO2

  • Heart rate sensor

  • SPO2 measurement

  • Optimal humidity

  • Flow up to 60L/min

  • Ultra comfortable interface in different sizes

  • Increase in treatment acceptance


Infant Bubble CPAP


Customizable components to choose from:

  • Infant Bubble CPAP Circuit with Chamber

  • CPAP Generator​

  • Safety Valve Kit

  • Bonnet/ Head Strap

  • Nasal Prong

  • Gas Sampling Line

Humidifiers & Heaters


Our Respiratory Humidifier is part of a complete system designed to provide warm and humidified inspired respiratory gases to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support. Fully automatic for simple and rapid set-up, the 2600A Respiratory Humidifier has many advanced features, including preset default temperatures, a selectable temperature display, alarm panel with location indicators and a range of safety features. Suitable for invasive or non-invasive ventilation and heated or non-heated wire breathing systems.


Autoclavable or Disposable Parts

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Our product lines includes:

  • All ranges of heated humidifier, humidifier chamber, heater wire and non heater wire breathing circuits.

  • All range of HME, HME filter, Bacterial/Virus filter, Main flow filter, HEPA filter, Spirometry filter, Suction/Insufflation filter, CPAP/BIPAP filter

  • GGM NP-series Infant Nasal prong for CPAP

  • GGM MDA-series Patent designed Multi-Dimension Adjustment CPAP/BIPAP/NIV full-face and nasal masks

  • New product release in 2013, Infant Bubble CPAP system HFT nasal prong high flow therapy system

  • Nasal high flow cannula, nasal high flow oxygen therapy 

  • Tracheostomy embedded heater wire breathing circuit


Customer Service and Support

Expert Configuration

Our experienced sales team has the technical expertise to configure your facility from the ground up

Installation & Training

Factory-trained technicians provide installation and in-service training

Preventative Maintenance

Factory-Certified preventative maintenance extends the life of your equipment & keeps it running optimally

Repairs & TroubleShooting

Free Phone Support | Video-Conference | On-Site | Headquarter/Factory Repairs

Factory-Certified Service & Parts


Loaner equipment is available for most product types

Shipping & Logistics Support

Our customer service team follows up with shipping updates & keeps you informed every step of the way.

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