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Penlon Prima Anaesthesia Machines at Bayview Hospital, Barbados

We at Andar International had the pleasure of furnishing and training the staff at Bayview Hospital in Barbados with Penlon's Prima 450, a compact system for induction and operating rooms where space is at a premium.

An easy to use, multifunction anaesthesia ventilator, designed for adult, paediatric and neonatal patient profiles. Standard specification includes three advanced spontaneous support modes and electronic PEEP. The AV-S has integrated oxygen monitoring and spirometry, plus seamless integration with both the absorber and anaesthetic machine, and HIS capability*

A high performance absorber with a ventilator interface as standard that provides ventilator mode switching, triggered by the bag/ventilator control. The unit has a quick-release canister, and the main components are autoclavable. A heater unit is offered as an option.

  • Electronic flow display and conventional flowmeter options

  • Fully integrated ventilator and absorber

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

  • HIS connectivity

  • Intuitive design in a compact footprint

  • Low life costs

Maintenance and after-sales support

Penlon and Andar International are committed to a successful, long term relationship with all our customers. Comprehensive warranty provides user peace of mind and after-sales support.

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