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Prima 460 with 15.4-inch HD Touchscreen and Virtual Flowmeter Now Available in The Caribbean

Now with World-Class Factory-Certified Service and Support on location from Andar International, Medical Equipment for the Caribbean.

Penlon and Andar International announce the release of the Prima 460 anaesthetic machine with a 15.4 inch high-definition touchscreen providing virtual flow display, oxygen concentration and gas mixture. The physical rotameters and virtual flowmeter of the Prima 460 anaesthetic machine provide clinicians with a combination of familiar, accurate control and easy to use interface.

The Prima 460 anaesthetic machine has seven ventilation modes as standard, with PEEP available in all ventilation modes (except manual). The 15.4 inch high-definition display enables clinicians to display up to three user-selectable waveforms or spirometry loops.

Patient details can be entered on the Prima 460 anaesthetic machine via the on-screen keyboard with automatic average weight calculations adjusted when height and weight are changed. Patient details can be output to a local Hospital Information System (HIS) via the native HL7 output.

Richard Featherstone, Penlon's Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, said:

“This is an exciting development for Penlon, utilising our proven ventilator technology, we have expanded the capabilities of the Prima 460, delivering functions and features that our customers are looking for in a modern anaesthetic machine. This is the first step in our long-term strategy to deliver a complete anaesthesia delivery solution.”

Maintenance and after-sales support

Penlon and Andar International are committed to a successful, long term relationship with all our customers. Comprehensive warranty provides user peace of mind and after-sales support.

See more from Penlon and Andar here.

Andar + Penlon Installation and Training at Bayview Hospital, Barbados

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